Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation is the practice of calming your mind and body – and, as you relax and close your mind to thoughts and images, your heart rate will slow, your breathing will become shallow, and you will pass into a reflective meditative state. Your mind will be in the moment; in “the now”. You will not be thinking about the past or the future…you will not be thinking about how much work you have to do, or what you should have said to the person who pushed in at the supermarket checkout.  You will be thinking thoughts like, “my nose is itchy”, “I can hear a bird singing’, or “the sun on my back feels lovely”. You are only reacting to what is happening right now, and, if you think about this, you are not thinking at all – you do not have thoughts, you do not worry about all the things you should have done, you are not reflecting on your life, you are not worrying or planning. You are simply being in and observing the moment.

My next post will be a short script you can use to begin practising Zen Meditation. Mastering Zen Meditation takes practice, so be patient with yourself. As you become more experienced, it will get easier and you will reach a state of deep Meditation quite quickly.

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