Zen Meditation Script

As mentioned in my previous post, Zen Meditation allows you to be completely in the moment, without thought – you are simply being in and observing the moment, or “the now”. It does take some practice, but the benefits of persisting – as with any form of meditation – are hugely worthwhile.

What follows is a Zen Meditation guide that you can follow. Even if you only manage five minutes to begin with, you will still gain from the experience.


Focus your attention on your breathing. Feel the air as it slowly enters and leaves your body. Follow the path of the air as it moves through your throat and into your lungs, and back out again. Allow your mind to be completely relaxed, allow your awareness to only acknowledge the present moment. If you notice a thought about the past or the present or the future forming in your mind, to yourself say “oh well…” and simply return your attention to your breathing. Allow yourself to be present in this very moment.

Take note of all the sounds you can hear right now, firstly those close by and then those further off in the distance; extend yourself to hear the sounds that are the furthest away.

What can you smell right now? What scents are floating on the breeze?

Is there anything you can “taste” right now?

How does the surface you are sitting or standing or lying on feel to your touch right now?

Focus your attention on the way your body feels right now. Notice how calm and relaxed your heartbeat is. Notice how calm and relaxed your breathing is. Notice how relaxed you are feeling right now…

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