Are you resistance mode?

I often have conversations with clients and friends and family that go along the lines of “I really want to (be, do, have…)…. but….” and then what follows are all the lines of resistance as to why those aspirations, dreams, or desires can’t, haven’t, or won’t happen.

How often do you here yourself come out with these one-liners – to yourself as well as to other people?

• It wouldn’t do any good anyway.
• My situation is very different to everyone else.
• It’s too expensive.
• I don’t have the time.
• It wouldn’t be right for me.
• It’s not the right time – maybe down the track.
• You wouldn’t understand.
• I’m too…fat, lazy, old, useless, dumb…
• I’ll think about it.
• If I ignore it, it will work itself out.
• I’m not good enough.
• I’m too scared.

As the conversation goes on, it becomes clear the problems, or lines of resistance, are very rarely at the core of why the person feels frustrated, stuck, like the victim that stuff “always happens” to…There is what I call a “disconnect” at the core – created when what you want and what you think you “know” are not working cohesively to actually serve you.

This is where a coach can help. Working with a “holistic” health coach doesn’t mean getting all “hippy and weird” as someone said to me recently! Working holistically very simply means looking at the whole picture, working with the whole person – the mind, body, spirit, and emotion – in order to achieve the outcomes you are after.

It’s about making connections on each level that, with acceptance, will allow you to transform your life.

If there’s some aspect of your life that isn’t serving you, and you would like to make a change but don’t know how to make it happen, please take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute session with me – I call it the “Finding hope” session. You can get in touch via Facebook, email, or text (visit for these details), and we can meet in person, chat over the phone or via Skype.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

be the change

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