“Self Love” Express is ready for boarding!

Sorry for being a little quiet lately…three weeks ago, I found out that one of my clients had passed away, and her funeral was two weeks ago…Being one of my coaching clients, as well as a fitness client for the past five years, I knew this lady very well…I knew what was at her core – what her limiting beliefs were, and we were just starting to work through the process of discovering and harnessing her empowering beliefs just over two years ago when she found out she was sick…really sick. Stage 4 cancer sick. We even went through part of the cancer journey together when I found out I had ovarian cancer just three months after her diagnosis; same GP, same oncologist, same hospital for surgery, surgery in the same week…it was quite a ride.

What struck me most at her funeral was how loved she was by all these people that had come to celebrate her life – and how at cross purposes this was with how she felt about her self…She had made huge inroads to changing this, but her level of self-worth was so low and unaddressed for such a long time, her body finally manifested a huge amount of dis-ease. Her will to survive was nothing short of totally inspirational, and a massive reminder that we are here for basically a blink of an eye… We must take care of our own needs first; you are responsible for your self first and foremost. Your ability to “serve” others – spouses, family, relatives, friends, colleagues…depends on this. You won’t be true and authentic to yourself and others unless you do.

We have the most challenging people and circumstances in our lives because they are the ones we have the biggest lessons to learn from about ourselves. If you’re not sure about that last sentence, think about what really bugs you about someone, and then look inside yourself and notice whether that same characteristic also bugs you about yourself…we get back what we put out there, and if there is anger, frustration, confusion, happiness, joy, or whatever emotion or thought process going on in your head, it will come back to you at least 100-fold in the forms of other people and their behaviours and circumstances. This doesn’t mean that they or the situation needs to be “fixed” – in the current situation or circumstance, everything is as it’s meant to be. So, you have a choice…at every bzzt of a second, you have a choice…stick with the autopilot – the subconscious mind – or take control – and get conscious. Our thoughts really do create our life. Acceptance of this massive concept is paramount for change.

This experience knocked me for six…but it has confirmed what I know my purpose is. I’m not sure exactly how this will transpire, but my mission is to make sure as many people as possible jump on board the “Self Love Express”!

It will be the ride of your life! Toot toot!

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