The Body Wisdom Hotline


Hello, everyone –

I just wanted to alert you to a new direction for my business.

In order to streamline things a bit, I am going to start posting “Body Wisdom” updates/information reports/special offers/course info/retreats information etc. via posts on my blog only.

So, in order to keep receiving info from me, could I ask that you scroll to the bottom of this page, and sign up for the email blog post updates? Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll be in the loop.

I’m not planning to spam your inboxes – you’ll receive a message about once a fortnight…and, until December 31, these subscriptions will be free for those of you who join up via my personal Contact lists, and Facebook and Twitter feeds. Once the new year begins, there will be a small monthly charge for the value that is being created and passed on – but only to new subscribers from January 1. If you subscribe now, or anytime before December 31, your subscription will remain free.

As much as is possible, I would love for the content to be interactive and driven by your needs and curiosity, and comments posted in response to the blog posts – as long as they are based around living holistically – mind, body, soul, and emotion (wellbeing, fitness, nutrition). So, if there any specific topics/ideas that you are interested in discussing, please send them to me.

Over the next few weeks, there will also be some stream-lining of my website, as I move even more in to my role as a “Holistic Health Coach” – so, stay tuned! Since my last email, I have been focusing on and refining ME – finding my rhythm. And, it feels goooood! I cant wait to share more with you.

Remember to breathe.
Much love to you all –
Sue xo

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