Two-thirds of Canberrans are overweight or obese

I felt the need to post a comment on this one…

Governments provide all sorts of forms of assistance when it comes to our wellbeing, and I congratulate you on the initiatives discussed here and the progress being made. However, unless we, as individuals, are prepared to delve in and gain an awareness about why – in this case – weight is really an issue for so many of us, and accept those reasons in the time and place they were established as limitations, the issue will never resolve; the true value of these initiatives will never be realised. They will become part of all the other weight loss “solutions” where results are determined by external drivers. They are undoubtedly part of the solution to solving this so-called epidemic, but only if we are coming from a base of solid self-regard/love. Only then, do you give transformation a chance.

I fully appreciate that people have to take that first step to get involved in these programs, join gyms, drink more water, eat more healthily, walk down to the local outdoor equipment etc. but why, after a period of time, do so many then not continue to pursue their goals and dreams? Reason – the lack of authentic, solid, self belief and self love that so many of us are experiencing. And fear that we might actually be worthy of the change we desire.

This is not just an overweight and obesity issue. The flow on of this level of lacking self belief and self love extends in to every foundational component of what happiness genuinely means to us. Just for a moment, think about the level of dysfunction manifesting in almost every part of our world today.

This is fundamental quantum physics in action. How and what you really think about yourself, as a whole being, is how you really feel about yourself. And this is what will manifest in your life – 100-fold, in every moment.

My background is in secondary teaching, and, more recently, fitness training, nutrition coaching, and now meditation instruction, and health and life coaching – which, essentially, combines all my knowledge and skills, and experiences, including one with ovarian cancer last year. Thankfully, that was a brief experience – and it allowed me to connect the dots between self-limiting beliefs and fear. That is the message that will turn heads and statistics.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Two-thirds of Canberrans are overweight or obese

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head Sue – for long term success, there has to be something more (for me anyway!). Eating right and exercising is definitely important, but you need to value yourself enough to ensure you keep doing it every day for the rest of your life!

    1. Thanks, Bec. There really is no other way. As challenging as this can be, it really is the path of least resistance. Keep rockin!

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