Global gratitude starts now – Day 31


31.12.15 Day 31 – Today, I am grateful for 2015, the year that was, and 2016, the year that will be – so many exciting things on the horizon!!

I am also grateful to all of you that participated in the #globalgratitudestartsnow movement. Not everyone posted to a social media site – some started their own journals, others participated with their kids, and some put a magnetic white board on their fridge and everyone in the family contributed their gratitude moments for all to see. However you made it happen – thank you! I hope it has given you a chance to see just how much there is in your life to be grateful for – and you may have noticed it really is the simple things. I started my journal back in May and haven’t missed a day…when you get conscious of what is good and amazing around you, you get more good and amazing moments show up; you create space for them to appear in your life every time you choose joy, happy, peace, calm, and self love…Every day, look for the positive rather than the negative – and connect with how those things/moments/people make you feel. When you’re having a tough day, re-connect with that feeling by closing your eyes and taking yourself to a moment that you felt good in – your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

Happy new year to you all – I hope it is safe, healthy, and peaceful xo

3 thoughts on “Global gratitude starts now – Day 31

  1. Lovely words of wisdom Sue. I enjoyed reading your comments and while I didn’t post, it’s not my thing, I did think about what was good that day and made me realise, that yes it is the small things to be grateful for.

    There are some things to look forward to this year, one particular event is the retreat, and thank you for organising it. I really appreciate the work that’s gone into this. It will give Greg and I both time out for a short time without the stress of the planning.

    I hope you have a fantastic year ahead and beyond. After all you’ve been through, I’m sure life will only get better.

    Rose and Greg.

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  2. Day 31 – Today I am grateful for my families continuing good
    health and happiness with positiveness and support for each other we have overcome some challenging health issues during 2015.

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