You are beautiful.

Wise words – as always – from Wayne Dyer – via Reid Tracy, CEO and President of Hay House:

“Treat your body like a guest who visits and then must leave. While it is here don’t neglect it, don’t poison it. Honour it, welcome it, and allow it to take its course which is ultimately to leave as it came, back to where it came from. Make it fun to watch your body go through its designated phases. Be in awe of every inch of it.

When you stub your toe or cut your finger or pull a muscle, and are constantly brought back to this little pain that makes even the simplest of functions most noticeable, stop and remind yourself how grateful you are to have toes, fingers, and muscles. Remind yourself how they work perfectly with no awareness at all from you most of the time. Why ever have an unwelcome thought about your body, or ever look at this ever-changing divine creation with contempt? You are privileged to have the body you have. Honour it as if it is the garage in which you park your soul. Refuse to have contemptuous thoughts about your soul’s garage, your body. Don’t complain about its size, colour, or worn-out places.

As long as you are grateful and in a state of awe, you will be unlikely to neglect it. You will be much more likely to keep it repaired than to neglect it. You will be much more likely to keep it repaired, sparkling and clean, healthy and vibrant, when the you inside looks with amazement and wonder, views with awe, every inch of this universe knowing there are no mistakes. If your hair chooses to grow in your ears, on your shoulders, and in your nose, rather than on your head, then so be it! If your skin loosens around your bones, then applaud the loosening process. Refuse to cling to the flesh as though it were going to last forever. Each body is gripped by death, and yet the paradox remains; within that same body dwells the immortal self. See your body as the miraculous, sacred perspective that Walt Whitman cited so frequently in his magnificent poetry.

Here are some suggestions for applying the wisdom of Walt Whitman’s observations to your daily life:

Give thanks every day for this temple that houses your soul. Give verbal appreciation for your life, your eyesight, your pancreas, every organ, every inch of your body. Simply say, “Thank you God for this always changing and always perfect place for me to observe from.” Become more aware of how you choose to treat this miracle of a body. Talk to it as you give it exercise, good food, and generous amounts of fresh water. “I bless you, wondrous body of mine. By being more aware of what a perfect creation you are, I will avoid mistreating you.”


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