The results are in!

A massive “thank you!” to everyone who completed the recent survey I posted about “Your biggest challenges”. I have collated and analysed the results, and am sharing the summary with you all now – see below.  Health and career were, by far, considered to be our biggest challenges, across all ages – and, while this wasn’t completely surprising, it was interesting to see how different age groups interpreted the challenge. There was a lot of overlap in comments made, so I have essentially summarised those common points where applicable.

Please check out the video I am also posting here – I would love to offer you some of the tips I share with my one-on-one personal coaching clients, that might just help you get some clarity around the biggest challenges in your life and even get you on the path to resolving the challenge.


CAREER – not being fulfilled, turning goals into a reality, lack of discipline
FINANCES – not earning enough, saving
– low immunity, organising a health routine, overcoming depression
– never feeling like I do enough
– not enough time
– immediate family clashes
– finding balance in a relationship, distracted by online dating


HOME – feeling comfortable and accepted in share housing situations, upheaval associated with moving interstate, need more space
– work/life balance, frustration at not being heard, finding a career that is valued and financially rewarding
– pressures associated with the cost of living on the rise, not having a buffer
– feeling of being left behind after friends marry and/or have kids, finding time for meaningful interactions – not just on social media
– finding time for exercise and balancing with family commitments, body image struggles, appropriate nutrition choices
– time, confidence in my abilities to participate
– administrative side of my work gets in the way of being creative, crucial for me but no time
– boundaries needed to protect myself from being hurt, missing family interstate
– feeling ‘less than’ by not having a partner, finding quality time since having kids


HOME – ongoing renovations, distance to work, keeping on top of things – housework, clutter, gardening
– financially adequate, work/life balance, wanting to make a career change or improve skills but not feeling supported or confident in abilities to do so, the “why me?” around redundancies, starting a new job in a new location, being the spouse that has followed the career of partner, at my age – can I make a change?
– balancing the budget, sourcing quality food for best price, job security, wanting to save but also enjoy life, not earning enough to live comfortably, getting finances in order, lack of funds to start heart-felt business
– lots of specific physical conditions being faced – cancer, arthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome, depression, anxiety, addiction, structural issues e.g. back – always looking for motivation, making myself a priority, recovery from illness, finding a work/life/health balance, making sound nutrition choices, always looking for ways to motivate myself
– feel isolated, family does not live close, lonely, family and work commitments means little time for friends
– need to find more opportunities, no time
– would like more free time so I can contribute
– knowing what my purpose is and staying connected to that, being mindful, having a routine spiritual practice rather than an occasional one, depression makes it difficult to see a clear way forward, no spiritual practice at all
FAMILY – no family around, getting enough “me time”, challenging relationships, kids – special needs, dealing/helping with educational requirements at senior school level
– time
– hard to find a good/soulmate match, finding time and maintaining a connection with partners over time, no time for love, single parenting

50’s and 60’s

CAREER – no job, not feeling like its progressing, learning how to relax in retirement
FINANCES – not enough coming in, planning for future
HEALTH – lack of fitness, maintaining fitness without injury, finding time and making a commitment to becoming fitter
FAMILY – aging parents
COMMUNITY always being the organiser
LOVE – lonely, would like to be in a relationship but finding time around other commitments is challenging.





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