Mind how you go…

People mostly think that meditation is about completely emptying our mind of all thoughts. If you can do this, that’s amazing – and, for seasoned meditators, it’s the ultimate goal; it is an incredible experience when you “get” there. Mindfulness meditation, however, is the practice of actually focusing our attention on our thoughts, actions, present moments – where we are and what we are doing. Non-judgementally. Just observing our experience, focusing inward and relaxing the mind…I can hear a lot of you saying, “Well, that’s easier said than done!”

Try this simple mindfulness practice. You can give it a go any time during the day, as many times as you like.

  • Set aside some time – start with just a few minutes at a time – aim for five minutes…
  • Observe the present moment, just as it is – remember, this practice is not about emptying or quietening your mind. You actually want to pay attention – without judging your experience or yourself.
  • If you do realise you are judging your thoughts, take a deep breath and sigh “ohhhh well” and gently return to being the observer.

Every time you return to the focus of your Meditation – in this instance, your observations – your meditation “muscle” gets a little bit stronger.

Be kind to yourself. We were all beginners at some stage!

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