Lots of news!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared with you –

  • the impact that long-term stress can have on your body, both physiologically and psychologically
  • the long-term benefits of a regular meditation practice, and
  • four meditation techniques and practices that can be incorporated into your day – a Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, movement meditation, and the mantra meditation.

Doing a little practice every day helps your meditation “muscle” get stronger – hopefully to the point of where you miss your practice if you don’t include it in your day.

If, at this point, you’ve given meditation a go – either in the past two weeks or at any point in the past – and it hasn’t “worked” for you, or you “don’t have time”, or you just know that you need more support and guidance, you now have the opportunity to complete my signature ten-week stress management and meditation course, C.A.L.M. 

Over ten weeks, I will work with you, one-on-one, to clarify what’s going on for you, assess why stress is a an issue for you and what you can actually do to manage your stress response, launch a plan of action, and provide you with the tools you need to incorporate a regular relaxation and meditation practice.

You don’t need to be in Canberra to complete the C.A.L.M. program; you can complete the program in-person or via video messaging.

You also shouldn’t be spending another moment worrying, stressing, being anxious, feeling hopeless, or stuck, about anything – relationships (personal or professional), your health, fitness, finances, or career. Not when there is a practical, simple solution: C.A.L.M.

To enrol in this life-changing program, you do need to apply; I need to know we’re the right fit for each other. Please contact me here and let’s see if we can bring more C.A.L.M. in to your life!

In other news

My Circle of Nourishment and Circle of Nourishment Mastermind programs are also ready to launch.

The Circle of Nourishment is a completely informal, online and in-person group meet-up for women looking to find their tribe and have a yarn with like-minded souls. It’s free to join, and you can get in on the action by joining the Circle of Nourishment Facebook page or contact me directly here and I will keep you in the loop on upcoming events.

The Circle of Nourishment Mastermind is a six-month one-on-one and small-group clarity coaching program for women looking to go a little deeper – you want to reconnect and align with your truth – be it personally and-or professionally; and-or you want to build your resilience; and-or you’re ready to take that next bold step; and, you want to be kept on track and accountable.

Over six months, you will have three one-on-one targeted coaching sessions with me – in person or via video messaging – and six, once-a-month small group (maximum of six participants) coaching workshops.

Entry in to the Mastermind program is also via application. Registration opens on February 1, and the program kicks off in March.

There is also an early-bird offer available from February 1 -14, 2019.

The Circle of Nourishment Mastermind program is definitely an investment in your future, and will only be offered once this year. If you are ready to step it up, or need a little assistance to step it up! – don’t miss out on this empowering and inspiring women-supporting-women opportunity.

Save the dates!..

I am so excited to be facilitating a number of retreat experiences this year. Co-hosting with the lovely Deb Fowler, at her gorgeous venue, Torquay’s Summer House, the following retreats are currently scheduled:
Autumn Reflections – March 7-10, 2019. Two tickets remaining.
Winter Rest and Rejuvenation – June 6-9, 2019. Three tickets remaining.
Spring Awakenings – September 13-16, 2019. Five tickets remaining.

Naturopath and gut-health expert, Janella Purcell will be a guest presenter at each retreat. Your retreat will be fully-catered by the in-house chef, and a team talented holistic practitioners and service providers will ensure you return home with greater self-awareness, acceptance, and a sense of gratitude for your life, fully relaxed, refreshed, and reconnected.

To enquire or book for any of these events, please contact me here as soon as possible.

In addition, my “Byron Bliss Yoga and Meditation Retreat” will run between August 5-9, 2019. Details are still being finalised, but this will be a “do as much or as little as you like” experience – other than daily yoga and meditation! – in the nurturing surrounds of Byron Bay. Again, your retreat will be fully-catered, and my lovely Byron team will be on hand to ensure your experience is second-to-none.

To register your interest for this retreat, please contact me here as soon as possible, as a payment plan will be available and I would like to have that organised by early-mid February.

So, that’s the round up for the year – so far ;-). I really hope I get to see you participating in one or more of these exciting opportunities! If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please get in touch!

Peace x

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