You’re invited!

We extend you a warm invite to join us at our Autumn Reflections Retreat in March 2019. Held at The Summer House, in Torquay on Victoria’s Surf Coast, this retreat is an intimate four-day stay limited to only 8 guests, designed to inform, inspire and allow you to awaken your senses and reconnect with yourself.

Our reflective and informative retreat is the first in a wonderful journey of self-discovery retreat experiences, designed specifically to provide you with valuable tools and techniques to enhance your everyday and overall wellbeing. Topics will include eating for the season, gut health, managing stress and anxiety, goal setting and taking action, trusting using your intuition, finding joy, moving on, and letting go.

Autumn is the perfect time to reflect on your journey by learning to:

  • set limits and protect boundaries;
  • become more introspective and begin new projects focusing on cultivating your body and mind;
  • embrace the energy of the lungs – take deep breaths and let go of anything you may be holding onto to make room for new experiences to help you learn and grow;
  • reconnect with nature and enjoy some beautiful beach walks and breathe in the sea air, and
  • Feed your body with seasonal and holistic food to nourish and restore

Embrace your mind, body and spirit and let us help you bring balance into your life – come and retreat with us. To book, please follow this link.

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