Who joins us on Retreat?

The life experiences that people come to one of our retreats with are hugely varied, but, essentially, everyone is looking to find a way to create some time and space just for them. When they give themselves permission to step in to this, they get to spend time specifically focused on getting clear on where life is at and where they want their lives to be, along with a little pampering!

They want to be inspired. 
They want to feel empowered. 
They want to leave knowing they are strong.

You may be starting the second stage of your life now that the kids have left home, but you feel a bit lost;
You’re at “that stage” where your hormones are all over the place;
You may have tried meditation but struggle to make it a daily practice;
You love learning about all things spiritual – the mind, body, soul connection;
Your career is less than rewarding, and you want to uncover the best path forward that will fulfil your needs;
You are grieving;
You need balance in your life;
You can’t “switch off”;
You know you are reacting rather than responding to challenging moments and people in your life;
You want to have more energy to do the things you love;
You want to learn about setting boundaries for yourself; 
Work is stressful and you want to learn simple ways to reduce the emotional and physical impacts on your body;
You need to know you will be nurtured and supported if you take what feels like a massive leap in your self-care, because, ultimately – 
You want to thrive.

These are just a few of the scenarios that are playing out in the lives of the women that join us. How many resonate with you?

This I know for sure – I am passionate about your retreat experience meeting all your needs and more. Taking time out for you – when you are usually the one doing everything for everyone else – is a massive step for most women, and I consider it a privilege to be a part of that journey with you.

You will learn and experience:
Relaxation and Meditation techniques that you can implement easily every day;
How to recognise when your body is in a state of stress before it becomes overwhelming;
What “happy” means to you;
Which areas of your life you would like to be experiencing more joy in; 
Get clear on what beliefs are holding you back;
Reveal the empowering beliefs that are currently hidden behind making sure everyone else is taken care of; and,
Create and unleash an action plan that will see you THRIVE!

And, above all else, you will be supported, nurtured, nourished, and guided by a team of kind, gentle, super-knowledgeable, and passionate practitioners for your entire experience on Retreat.

Time is our most non-renewable resource.

Is it time for you to do something for you? Retreat with us July 4-7 at The Summer House in Torquay – step in to those “phenomenal woman” shoes! Bookings close this Friday, May 31.

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