Begin each day with a grateful heart.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the amazing, inspiring people I have the privilege of having in my life – you rock!

Here are a few kind words passed on by some of the amazing people I have worked with – on retreat, in coaching, meditation, and personal fitness training sessions…

“One-on-one coaching sessions – loved it Sue! You asked all the right questions, and now I’m making change as a result of this session! Was good to have the session early on in the week as it gave me things to work on and think about throughout the week.”

“Beach yoga – loved it. Loved the tutor. A lovely thing to do first thing in the morning. It was a nice easy class so if you hadn’t done yoga before, it wouldn’t be that daunting.”

“Sound bowl meditation – I really liked this and would love to try this again.”

“Exploring Byron and surrounds – I really enjoyed the two yoga classes that I went to in the yoga tent – would very much recommend. I also really liked the walk we did up to the lighthouse. I also really enjoyed the drumming by the beach, and just sitting on the beach reading was perfect for me.”

“Gratitude at the end of the day – this was great, a really nice way to end the day. I think this should be compulsory at all your retreats!”

“The food – loved all the food. Meals felt very healthy and nutritious. I liked how the portion sizes were quite big and I could get seconds!”

“The accommodation – perfect! Would very much stay there again. The houses were big enough that I felt like I could have my own space.”

“Byron as a retreat destination – great. Easy to get to. Far enough away from Canberra but not too far. Nice to get some warm weather!”

“Would you recommend the experience to friends and family? – Yes – you made it really easy – loved it how everything was organised and I didn’t need to think about what to do and when. You also gave really good advice around things to do in the area. I have already recommended your retreats to several people!!!”

“I enjoyed the sound bowl part of the sound bowl meditation. The vibrations travelling through my body were amazing. Sunrise yoga on the beach was a lovely way to start the day and I enjoyed it very much. My massage with Katie was fantastic. I felt very relaxed during and after.”

“The things I most enjoyed at Byron were riding my bike around the town, along the beach and to the lighthouse; watching the sun rise on the beach; the markets at Mullumbimby; visiting Protestor Falls and getting to know everyone over lunch and dinner. The food was really amazing and I tried many new things. Zoe was so accommodating and friendly.”

“The accommodation was great with plenty of space for everyone to spread out. The food was fabulous. Top marks to Zoe and her helpers. She did an amazing job of keeping us fed!”

“I would recommend Sue’s retreats to family and friend because I’m sure they would benefit and be rejuvenated by the relaxation, yoga and meditation. The fact that you don’t have to think about menu plans and food preparation – for me this aided relaxation. The local markets are also a bonus.”

“When I had my first appointment to see Sue I was in a pretty awful place in my life.  Panic was my go- to defence and day to day I was only just getting by.  I felt disconnected from my husband and children, and my self-esteem was very low. I would often feel short of breath and was constantly running on empty whilst trying to ‘do’ things for people as this is what I felt would make my lack of connection with the world ok.
I was at work one day and was having a particularly bad day with myself to the point where a friend of mine took me into her office and did some deep breathing exercises to calm me down. It was then she recommended I make an appointment with the amazing Sue and I haven’t looked back.
My first session with Sue was in a word ‘scary’; I was petrified as I knew I had to speak some words that I didn’t think would ever come out of my mouth. However, as scary as it was, there was something in me that knew it was time for this to happen, it was my time to let it out and change the CONSTANT FLAP that I was in – and thank goodness I did. Even after the first session with Sue I knew she was the one for me; she had a tough job ahead but I had no hesitation that she was up for it.  I never thought letting out how I felt would feel so good. It was hard, uncomfortable, and foreign but unbelievably uplifting at the same time. The best part was that at the end of that first session I knew I wasn’t stopping until I felt ‘everything was perfect just as it is’.
As we went through the program week by week, and peeled away the years of history of my life, it came clear to me that life can be good and most importantly that I can do or be whatever I want to be, there is no one judging me, I choose my path, and that the only person to impress is myself. Learning this was very exciting!
The way Sue delivered the program to me was so easy to follow and I never felt that I couldn’t ask a question, or that what I was going to say was right or wrong. Sue was completely open and I trusted her 100%.
I have recently moved to Sydney after living in Canberra my whole life. It’s a fact that if I didn’t do the counselling sessions with Sue, moving to Sydney would have sent me into a downhill spiral of depression and anxiety. Instead I am finishing a floristry course and plan to take that further, and absolutely love Sydney. I have made lots of new friends and I love to have conversations with the ocean (a bit “woo hoo” but hey! whatever floats your boat!) I know life will be great wherever I am in the world.
I cannot thank you enough Sue, you are a gift and I am so grateful that I was able to share my life experience with you. Xo”
~ Emma.

“At age 28 I found myself overweight and burned out. My body had suffered after years of unconscious, unhealthy food decisions. Fed up with the image in the mirror and the way I was feeling I decided to seek professional help. I wanted a meal plan of what to eat and when. I wasn’t interested in anything other than losing weight. What I received was an invaluable education in food and its effects on the human biology.
Sue taught me not to feed my body but to nourish it. Slowly but surely I added more and more nutrient and vitamin dense foods and cut out processed foods, refined sugars and wheat products. It wasn’t long before myself and those around me noticed the positive change that was occurring. Physically, I lost weight (17kg), the acne that had plagued me since my teens cleared up and the inflammation in my knee that prevented me from running disappeared.
I was feeling fantastic but could sense I was still missing something. Again I approached Sue, who led me on a journey inward. Her advice; ‘the answers can’t be found externally but internally’ and ‘you need to love yourself before you can love anyone or anything else’.
I didn’t know if I loved myself, so I asked some basic questions. If you do love yourself would you work every day in a job you hate? Would you unconsciously fill your gut with food-like products? Would you pursue money over passion? Would you settle for second best? The answer was no, I didn’t love myself.
he next step was to turn inward. I always knew what I wanted out of life but didn’t know how to get it. Sue’s advice – ‘let go of your fear’, profoundly changed my life. I was afraid of failure, a lack of money, people’s perceptions and judgements and my own abilities or lack thereof. It was awfully hard to put this into practice.
For me, letting go of fear was like being set free from gravity. I no longer try to force or control the situation. I make conscious decisions every day though I let the process happen organically and rarely question the outcome. Instead I have faith that where I am is where the Universe needs me to be and where I’m headed is the correct destination. My focus now is on enjoying every minute of the journey.
So here I am, standing on a new path. I left my job as a metal fabricator. By the end of the year I’ll have completed a Certificate 3 in aged and disabled care. I’ve applied to study nursing next year. I no longer feel stressed. I constantly have a smile on my face. My attitude is always positive.
There are hundreds of health professionals out there that can help you lose weight and get you looking physically fit, but as I’ve discovered that’s only a small step on a much longer journey.
Meeting Sue has become one of the most pivotal moments in my life. Sue takes a genuine interest in her clients’ health and wellbeing, going out of her way to ensure you’re getting what you need out of both her services and your life. The proof of her ability is in the results.”
~ Brendan.

Update – Brendan has been accepted in to study Nursing! B – you’re a star!!

“Dear Sue,
Jan and I are always looking forward to your visits whether they are fitness training or well-being sessions. Over the past 12 months you’ve helped us to maintain our general fitness, flexibility and mental fitness at a level that helps us cope with the rigours of daily life. We particularly like the way everything is tailored to our particular needs at the time. Having an
annual contract at a fixed price is a great deal for us; we don’t need to check how many sessions we’ve had or how many to go.

Thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail.
~ Graham.”

“All I needed was four words, ‘Dream, Believe, Work, Succeed!’ I put these four words up on my Skype and have reflected on them every day since I began the Total Wellbeing sessions with Sue.  Every week since starting these sessions, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my own personal achievements and each day I feel stronger emotionally, physical and mentally.  I’m getting things out of my head and I’m starting to live my dreams, and my beliefs, through working hard and succeeding at everything I do. I’m not letting other people’s perceptions get to me, all my actions are my own, all my decisions are my own – I have the right to be myself! And with Sue’s total wellbeing training, I reckon I am capable of doing anything!”
~ Ali

“Crossing paths with Sue has been life changing for me! I have just completed two months total wellbeing training and I am a new person without a doubt.  Before I started the training, I was fairly dead inside and would best describe myself as an idle slug with the “why me?” attitude, blamed others for my circumstances and would overeat and/or drink alcohol to ease the void in my life.  This was me fighting, blocking, and what I knew as secure, so I would revert to my “security” when times were tough.  But we all know this is not living…. From my first session I felt hope and came away excited to be doing this with Sue.  I leave every session with so much positive energy, understanding, acceptance of myself and just want more….I have rang or messaged Sue later in the day after a session to scream “THANK YOU!” at her, words cannot express my appreciation and feeling of happiness! I truly admire what Sue does and how she does it, it really sinks in, and her coaching style is amazing, so cool and calm.  I don’t know how she does it but I GET IT!  Trust me, Sue has seen me in the best of states, kicking and screaming, but I always come away having created space, breathing, further acceptance and a deepened learning of responding rather than reacting. Over the years, I have spent my fair share on self help books, courses, counselling, and psychologists and Sue’s “Total Wellbeing” training is like nothing I have ever done before and getting and really feeling the results…what can I say, words cannot describe.  This is ME! I have learnt a lot about myself and feel completely safe and comfortable opening up to Sue about my issues that have been chewing at me for years.  I have developed a lot internally from just being able to talk to Sue. I don’t know how long this will take to  completely gel for me, but the best thing of all is knowing that it is not locked into a timeframe, it’s all about the individual, and, however long it takes, I know Sue will be right there with me all the way. Sue – you have no idea how much you have and continue to help me.  You are compassionate, friendly, highly intelligent and someone I feel I can talk to anytime now.”
~ Liz

“Sue has enabled me over the last nine months to achieve a level of fitness that I thought I could only achieve in my 20s with more spare time. Proving me wrong, Sue’s ever changing program has kept me motivated and enabled fitness and general wellbeing to be a given in my hectic lifestyle.”
~ Luke

“Sue is very dedicated to her work and I personally would highly recommend her. She is very accommodating when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses and I have a few of the latter. A wonderful caring and approachable person.”
~ Shirley

“I have found the training with Sue to be effective in helping me work towards my goals and the service provided to be personal and tailored to suit my individual needs. Sue has also helped me with an exercise program outside of our weekly sessions and with an eating plan to help me reach my goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone.”
~ Shona

“I have never enjoyed exercise and after a not very good experience from another personal trainer several years ago I was very reluctant to try it again but due to health reasons I have had to go down the path of losing weight and getting fit.  I found in Sue someone who listened to me and my individual needs and in doing this Sue has provided me an exercise program which I am able to do without creating further stress (or pain) on my body but is also exercise I am beginning to enjoy and feel the results from.”
~ Janice

“Sue has been our personal trainer for four years and since commencing training with her our fitness levels have improved significantly, even though we had been training with another trainer previously. Sue tailors our training sessions to our fitness and energy levels and takes into account any injuries we may have. She is committed to ensuring we gain the most from each session so we can reach our goals and achieve peak performance. Sue is aware of our abilities more than we are, and pushes us that little bit further even though we think we’ve reached our limit. With Sue’s encouragement and enthusiasm we look forward to each session just to see how much we have improved and what we can achieve. We would recommend Sue as a personal trainer to anyone of any fitness level. With Sue’s guidance and encouragement, you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving.”
~ Rose and Greg

“I wanted to lose weight and get healthy before I turned 40.  My friends suggested we work with a personal trainer and I had visions of sit ups, boxing, running around ovals and doing crunches.  We did end up doing all of these and more, but we had a lot of fun doing it, laughing and working together to get fit.  Sue encourages without yelling, she knows your limit and keeps you moving forward.  I also have a knee injury and Sue is careful to set exercises and instruct me on how to move so I don’t hurt it – in fact my knee hurts more sitting at my desk than when exercising with Sue.  I would recommend Sue to get you motivated and healthy.  Bring friends along and get started – we love it and have kept going!”
~ Anne


You are ready to do this – reconnect, rejuvenate, build your resilience, take that next bold step, and be held accountable. Let’s connect right now!

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