There are a few different ways we can connect and work together.

Circle of Nourishment
This is a completely informal, online and in-person group meet-up for women looking to find their tribe and have a yarn with like-minded souls. My original thoughts were to call it a “Hippy Chick Gathering”! But, you don’t need to think of yourself as a “hippy chick” in order to join us – this is purely just women catching up over a coffee, hot chocolate, wine, and-or dessert if that’s what you feel like!

This is a completely safe, supportive space, and there will be no judging, labelling, or gossiping. If you’re new to Canberra, the Circle of Nourishment will also provide you a great opportunity to meet other women.

Total investment – it’s FREE!

To keep up to date on current events, please join the Facebook “Circle Of Nourishment” group, or contact me directly here and I will keep you in the loop.

Circle of Nourishment Mastermind
If you want to dive in a little deeper, and you need some structure and accountability, the Circle of Nourishment Mastermind is for you. A supportive, small group (four – six participants) clarity coaching program that offers participants three one-on-one coaching sessions in addition to once-a-month group coaching workshops, over six months.

You will reconnect and align with your truth – be it personally and-or professionally;
You will build your resilience;
You will take that next bold step; and
You will be kept on track and accountable.

Please note the “Circle of Nourishment Mastermind” program is an entry-via-application program.
The program begins March 2019. Registration opens February 1, 2019.
Total “early bird” investment, available February 1 – 14, 2019, is $795.
Full investment is $900.

Circle of Nourishment Retreats
For more information on my 2019 Circle of Nourishment Retreat events, please visit my Retreats page.

Designed specifically to help you manage stress, my signature 10-week stress management and Meditation program (C.A.L.M.) will provide you with simple strategies and techniques to definitely get you feeling like your “waving, not drowning”.

Prior to starting the “official Week 1”, I send out questionnaires for you to complete and return to me – to set a baseline for me and allow you to get clarity on what you’re after.

Weeks 1-4 – Get “C.A.L.M” – Clarify, Assess, Launch, Meditate 
We have a look at the questionnaires you send back to me, plot a course of action, set you some simple daily relaxation exercises, introduce a meditation practice, and begin a targeted coaching/mentoring program.
Week 5 – Time for you to consolidate your learning, and evaluate your progress and direction.
Week 6 – We meet again, and review and refine your action plan. This means you are doing and practicing what works best for you and will be sustainable over the long term.
Week 10 – Final follow-up. This session allows to you to consolidate your new “knowing”, reflect on, and celebrate the changes you have implemented over the previous ten weeks.

There are six contact sessions in total – either in person or online.

If you come to me, or we connect online, sessions run for 75mins (for a total of 7.5 hours). The investment is $750.
If I travel to you, sessions run for 1.5 hours (for a total of 9 hours). The investment is $900.

In addition, for all options, you get lifetime support via text, phone, and email, and discounted mentoring/coaching sessions following completion of your program.

You are ready to do this – reconnect, rejuvenate, build your resilience, take that next bold step, and be held accountable. Let’s connect right now!