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There are no limits, except for those we impose on our selves.
~ Walter Bishop

Everyone has a story.

My story was a seemingly endless tale of needing to fix things for people, so they would be pleased with me; so that, in turn, I would feel worthy and wanted and needed; okay; good enough.

Despite my efforts, I didn’t really feel “okay” or “good enough”. I was relying on others to make me feel worthy, to make me feel needed, to make me happy, rather than me being in charge of my own journey.

My belief was that my identity – who I thought I was – was someone who didn’t deserve happiness or success, wasn’t worthy, and that I was pretty much hopeless (or “stupid”) at anything I did. I couldn’t do anything right, and nothing I did was good enough, even though I tried my best all the time.

As an adult, the internal dialogue accelerated, manifesting as self doubt, little self value, weight loss, weight gain, gut issues galore, not wanting to commit to anything or, more importantly, anyone – why would anyone love me? – and  then, the big one – cancer.

All because of my ”beliefs” in who I thought I was, and years of choosing consequences based on subconscious fear.

If you think about it, most people, deep down, think, at some level, they aren’t worthy; they don’t deserve to have what they want; they feel hopeless; they are helpless to make changes; or, even terrified to have what they want and deserve. Not everyone will verbalise their thoughts – it shows in their “ways”.

Thankfully, this is what I now know – our perception of our current reality is based on our beliefs, and if we are not achieving what we want (and deserve) in life, it is those beliefs that are limiting our journey in attaining those goals. Change that perception and you can be, do, or have anything you want.

Oh, and another thing – there is nothing inherently true about a belief…

All we need to do is learn the right strategies to change the perception of our reality.

The benefits of knowing and acting on this are endless…you find clarity and freedom, courage, lose weight and confidently maintain it, feel fitter and healthier, reduce the stressors in your life, improve your self confidence and self acceptance, feel and experience real happiness on your terms, have more time and space to do all the things you love and enjoy…living in the here and now.

If you follow the right system, and take effective action, you will get what you really want and deserve in life.

With 100% commitment to your experience with me, the results you achieve will change your life. There will be no more excuses, and you will be so good enough, it will blow you, and everyone else, away!

I am ready now to support you on your journey. Get conscious and choose hope.


There are no limits.

© 2015 Body Wisdom